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What to Do When You’re Anxious About a Job Interview

What to Do When You’re Anxious About a Job Interview

A job interview can lead to an exciting opportunity. However, this high-pressure situation can also lead to anxiety. If your anxiety spikes before a job interview, you’re certainly not alone. These simple steps can help you prioritize your mental and behavioral health, and put your mind at ease, before the big day.

How to Prevent Anxiety for a Job Interview

If you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming interview, it can be tempting to over-prepare. However, remember that you can only control so much. Try to put your mind at ease by preparing for what you can control. Research the company, touch up your resume, and take notes about potential talking points. Try to take these steps a day or so in advance, so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.

When your thoughts are jumbled in your head, you might feel even more anxious. Try writing down all of your thoughts when you have a moment of anxiety. Getting these thoughts out of your head and onto a piece of paper can help you feel more relaxed instantly. Many of the situations you were worried about may seem much smaller once they’re in front of you.

Behavioral therapy for anxiety can be a great resource for coping with daily life. And if you’re experiencing a particularly stressful event, your therapist will be available to support you. Make an individual therapy appointment, either in person or virtually, to talk through your anxiety with your counselor. They can help you feel more calm in the moment and give you coping strategies to try on the day of the interview.

It may be tempting to stay up late to prepare for your interview. However, breaking from your routine can make you feel more anxious. Try to get to bed early the night before, taking plenty of time to unwind. Be sure to block off enough time to follow a morning routine as well. Taking this time to relax before the interview will help you find a relaxed and positive mindset.

A quick breathing exercise before the job interview can calm any last minute anxiety. Whether you’re sitting in your car or waiting outside the building, close your eyes for a moment and take several deep breaths. Even just a few minutes of paying attention to your breathing can refocus your mind and slow your heart rate. Music may also help calm you down before you walk into the interview.

Plan out a treat for yourself after the interview. This could be lunch with a friend, a lazy night in, or your favorite coffee drink, for example. Having a small reward to look forward to can give you the extra boost you need, no matter how the interview went. Remember, you deserve to celebrate yourself and the preparation you put into the interview.

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