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How to Grieve And Honor a Loved One Without Falling Back Into Depression

How to Grieve And Honor a Loved One Without Falling Back Into Depression

The aftermath of losing a loved one can be challenging when you have depression. Grief is a natural and healthy process. However, you want to honor and grieve your loved one without letting your depression take over. Here are some tips for managing grief and depression at the same time.

How to Grieve Without Being Depressed

Be Gentle with Yourself

Allow yourself to feel your feelings. You need to take time to feel your grief and all the complex emotions that come with it. Give yourself permission to cry, take time off work, and sleep in. Everyone experiences grief differently, so go easy on yourself. There is no set timeline for moving forward.

Remember Your Medication

As you give yourself the space to experience grief, you still need to meet your basic needs. And this type of self-care includes taking your depression medication. Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to take your pill. Grief is difficult enough, so taking your medication will help preserve your mental state.

Book a Therapy Appointment

You don’t need to deal with grief on your own. Book a therapy appointment to start working through your emotions. If you already attend behavioral therapy for depression, consider making an extra appointment. Your therapist may also recommend additional specialty counseling to help you manage your grief. A holistic approach can help you better manage your mental health.

Accept Help

You might be hesitant to accept support from friends and family. But remember, your loved ones want to help you through this difficult time. Whether they bring you meals or offer to talk, they can make your life less overwhelming. While you should still give yourself alone time when you need it, accepting help and support will make you less isolated as you grieve.

Stick to Your Routine

Depression makes it more difficult to stick to your daily habits, but grief can make it even more challenging. To keep your depression in check, try to stick to some sort of routine. Small rituals like showering daily, cooking yourself breakfast, and going for a walk can make a big difference. If you’re worried about following through, ask a friend to check in on you every day.

Find an Outlet

Try not to keep your emotions inside as you grieve your loved one. A healthy outlet will help you release your emotions and honor your loved one. Creative outlets like writing, painting, and songwriting are all great ways to explore your grief. However, some people might prefer physical outlets like running and hiking. No matter how you release your grief, you’ll be taking steps to manage your depression as well.

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