ADHD Services in Denver, CO

The Collective Denver, Colorado ADHD health coach services

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can affect individuals of all ages. Here at The Collective, we are committed to helping clients with ADHD cope with everyday challenges. Through our holistic approach to therapy and wellness, we support our clients according to their behavioral health needs. 


Individuals with ADHD may experience hyperactive behaviors, difficulty focusing, and challenges with impulse control. However, our team of mental and behavioral health professionals will base treatment on your unique set of symptoms. Our set of behavioral health services focus on the mind and body, so our clients can thrive. 


Our ADHD Services

When you first reach out to our clinic, we will help you schedule a brief consultation with one of our mental health professionals. This initial conversation will give us the information necessary to recommend ADHD services. Depending on your specific needs, we might recommend one or more of the following services:


  • Individual Counseling: One-on-one therapy can be a great solution for children, teens, and adults living with ADHD. Our individual counseling techniques provide key tools for coping with the condition in your daily life. This type of specialty therapy can make challenging situations, like focusing at work, more manageable. 

  • Group Counseling: Support groups can also be helpful for those with ADHD. During these group sessions, you can share and empathize with others who experience similar challenges. 

  • Psychiatry Services: Some individuals with ADHD will benefit from medication. Our psychiatric team will ensure that you’re taking the right medication for your needs, while supporting you through ongoing medication management services. 

  • Holistic Care Services: While you’re attending therapy appointments, your counselor might recommend additional holistic care services. These might include health coaching and yoga for mental health, for example. A set of holistic care services can help you excel in your daily life and overall wellness. 


Once you begin ADHD services, our team will monitor your progress and provide the support you need. This could mean adjusting your services or adding additional appointments. We are here to ensure your comfort and well-being.


Getting Started

If you’re interested in scheduling ADHD services for yourself or your child, you can give us a call or fill out our online form. We will reach out to you about setting up a consultation with one of our mental and behavioral health professionals. In some cases, we may recommend psychological testing as a preliminary step to treatment. This assessment helps us match you with the best possible services for your needs. 


As you take these initial steps, we know that you might have questions. We are here to answer all of your questions, so you can make informed decisions. Our mental health professionals are available to explain all of our services in detail. 

Here at The Collective, we are proud to offer behavioral health services for a variety of conditions and concerns at our Denver, CO location. Whether you’re living with depression or want to discuss work-related stress, we have a counseling service for you. We are also offering teletherapy for those interested in counseling from the comfort of their homes. Contact us today to learn more.