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5 Anger Management Tips For Young Adults & Working Professionals

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Anger is a normal human emotion. However, it’s important to recognize when your anger becomes difficult to control. If you’re experiencing frequent outbursts as a result of frustration, disappointment, or annoyance, you may benefit from anger management techniques. Here are some ways young adults and working professionals can prioritize their behavioral health and keep their anger in check.

If you become angry easily, it can be helpful to have a few centering techniques in your back pocket. You can use these methods during a moment of frustration to instantly calm down and handle the situation more calmly. For example, you might try closing your eyes and counting backwards from ten. This pulls your focus away from the issue in front of you and gives you a chance to feel more calm again.

Having a mantra can also be helpful. This may include a phrase like “just breathe” or “it’s okay.” Repeat this phrase in your mind or out loud when you feel angry. You might share this phrase with a trusted parent, teacher, or friend, so they can remind you of your calming mantra in heated moments.

When taking a quick pause to calm down doesn’t feel like enough, you might need to completely remove yourself from the situation. For example, if you suddenly feel angry at work, stand up and take a quick walk around the block. The fresh air and exercise will help you calm down, while offering a new perspective. You’ll likely feel more equipped to handle the situation when you return.

It’s easy to channel your anger by yelling or through destructive actions like punching the wall. However, there are plenty of healthy ways to release your feelings. You might write your thoughts in a journal, talk to a friend, squeeze a stress ball, play music, draw a picture, or even get some exercise. All of these activities can help you think through your emotions fully, so you can avoid future outbursts.

Remember that you don’t need to work through behavioral health challenges on your own. Seeing a professional is the best way to understand your anger and learn effective ways to manage it. You might choose to see a therapist on your own. However, group therapy can also be beneficial for young adults and working professionals facing anger difficulties. During these anger management group sessions, you can learn new techniques from your peers and participate in constructive group activities. The result can be better mental health and a sense of community.

As you gain new outlets for your anger and see a professional counselor, you will likely learn ways to communicate your feelings more effectively. Be sure to bring these techniques into the real world. Constructive communication often involves pausing and thinking before you speak, which can be challenging. But be patient with yourself. Tell your loved ones that you’re working on communication, so they can help you through challenging conversations. Speaking clearly about how you feel will eventually become second nature.

If you’re a young adult or working professional struggling to manage your anger, the mental health professionals at The Collective are available to help. Our Denver behavioral health center offers mental health and counseling services for a variety of issues. We focus on your holistic well being, so you can thrive. Contact us to connect with our mental health team.

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