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What has The Collective meant to me?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

What has The Collective meant to me?

I am not clinical. I cannot even pretend to be clinical. However, throughout my life, I have held an absolute admiration for healthcare professionals across the board. As a child to a small-town Florida surgeon, I’ve seen first-hand how taxing caring for others day-in and day-out (medically speaking) can be on a healthcare professional’s daily life. From missed sports games, to the inability to commit to social events, to weekends on-call waiting for the phone to ring to be called into the hospital, I’ve seen the personal life effects, and commitment required, to providing high quality patient care. Seeing this over the years at an arms-length distance always resonated with me and consistently posed the question: Wait, what am I missing?

Physicians see patients and go home right? Why is the day so uncontrollably busy? It seems like a simple math equation of “you see patients, complete charts, and go home?” Wrong. Enter: administrative burdens of running a business. Enter: complexity of working with health insurance plans and navigating insurance plans. Enter: the influx of regulation of reporting requirements and the never-ending continuing education and Board certification requirements.

Healthcare professionals these days are extremely bogged down by an onslaught of non-clinical duties. These administrative duties sometimes take up the majority of a clinician’s day. These growing burdens continue to lead to an increased burnout rate amongst providers. This can’t be the right way to deliver high quality care, especially when it comes to behavioral health and counseling/therapy services. At The Collective, Clinician Empowerment is a focus of our mission as a company. What this mean: we have removed the disconnect between administrators and providers and it is our daily focus to alleviate our Clinical Team of all non-client care focused projects. We have an incredible Clinical Team; mental health specialists in Denver that I would recommend to anyone and we, from an operational standpoint, work daily to improve their care setting and experience, equipping them with the latest workflow tools and support systems and working as more than just general a crutch for them to lean on. It is this synchronous match and partnership that allows the Clinical Team at The Collective to focus on one thing: delivering high quality care and support our clients. What The Collective has meant to me: Although I am not clinical by any means, I have the absolute ability and opportunity to work with healthcare professionals and support them in ways that allow them to provide unburdened, high quality care to clients.

On the other side of my connection to healthcare, I was exposed to mental illness as a high schooler through seeing individuals struggle through acute eating disorders. For years I watched, sometimes helplessly, as some of my peers bounced around from clinic to clinic. Outpatient settings to inpatient settings and back to outpatient settings. There seemed to be a circular cycle of moving from mental health therapists to eating disorder specialists to psychiatrists to nutritionists to more mental health specialists. Throughout this entire journey, the common them was very clear: The system is broken and there has to be a better way to deliver behavioral health services (clinically speaking).

You see, what I saw was a fragmented and broken system where each clinician and physician was operating in an uncoordinated silo of information. There was zero collaboration across subspecialists. There was zero continuity of care. There was zero progress towards healing. There was zero use of longitudinal information to help the providers deliver specific, proactive care. In my opinion, lack of collaboration on care across rendering providers can only inhibit progress towards healing. At The Collective, we focus on integrated approach to behavioral healthcare. What this means is that, we provide clients with access to 1) a multidisciplinary behavioral healthcare team that includes psychologists, medication managers, counselors and social workers, that 2) work collaboratively as an internal care team on client care, and 3) treat clients holistically by re-envisioning primary healthcare by starting with the mind and creating health plans that address every facet of a client’s overall health. We support clients with depression help, anxiety help, trauma help, and other common behavioral health needs and want to be your high quality mental health counselors and therapists near you.

I wholeheartedly believe that this innovative clinical model is key to providing clients with the highest quality care, which is something that we are obtaining at The Collective. What The Collective has meant to me: I have been an influential piece of redefining the behavioral healthcare delivery system and I have the opportunity to support individuals, like my loved one(s), who are in need of real, quality healing.

As I write this, I continuously find myself coming back to the opposite question: What do I want The Collective to mean to others? I want The Collective to be the welcoming and compassionate home to individuals that are in need of our support for depression, anxiety, trauma, hyperactivity, etc. I want care to be accessible through availability, setting, financial means, insurance panels, and clinician/client fit. I want our clients to feel that they have a partner and a friend in their journey for their best self and to begin to feel the healing and sense of “I got this” and “I’ve got someone by my side fighting with and rooting for me.” I want The Collective to be the place that supports healthcare professionals and alleviates those administrative burdens that impact so many other areas of healthcare and keep providers away from their families. I want healthcare professionals to feel heard, supported and appreciated. And lastly, I want The Collective to be the leader in transformation of how behavioral healthcare services are delivered, accessed and expanded across the country.

About the Author

Andrew Kuykendall is the President and CFO of The Collective Integrated Behavioral Health located in Denver, CO. The Collective is a multidisciplinary behavioral health practice that provides holistic therapy and psychiatry services to adults and young professionals. For more information go to

Does my insurance cover a therapist at The Collective?

The Collective is partnered with several insurance providers to make our services more accessible to you. You can verify your insurance through our website before scheduling an appointment.

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