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Kimberly Garrison

PsyD – Clinical Director

Kimberly Garrison is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD) with a specialization in Health Behaviors and a certification in Nutritional Psychology. As Clinical Director, Kimberly supervises the integrated care approach of The Collective and exemplifies our mission to provide holistic care addressing each facet of our clients’ lives. As a clinician, Kimberly specializes in helping clients recover from Codependency by building a stable sense of self, learning how to set appropriate boundaries and create balanced healthy relationships. Codependency refers to a set of traits that include; consistently prioritizing other people’s needs over your own, low self-worth, and over-functioning to prove one’s worth. This often results in relationships that are excessively imbalanced leading to resentment, guilt, shame and exhaustion. Kimberly loves helping client recognize and change these maladaptive patterns in their life so that they can figure out who they are, what they want and how to go after it. She has a passion for helping people who are already successful up their self-growth game and find balance in their lives.

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