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Kirsten Nelson

Psychiatric NP

Kirsten is an ANCC board certified, psychiatric nurse practitioner with over 20 years combined experience in nursing, education, and behavioral health. In addition to a Master of Science in Nursing, she holds a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology with a focus on neuroplasticity and executive function skills. Her experiences in behavioral health include working in community mental health, crisis stabilization, inpatient child and adolescent care, and private practice providing both medication management and psychotherapy. 

Kirsten's approach to care incorporates an understanding of evidence-based practice, neuroplasticity, human motivation, and the importance of providing holistic care that addresses the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of clients. She believes involving patients as equal partners in their care is vital to the healing process. Her clinical interests include medication management, brief psychotherapy, and executive skills function training. She enjoys working with clients of all ages.