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Sophia Fidai

MA, PsyD-C

Sophia is a third year PsyD student at the University of Denver, studying to become a clinical psychologist. She received her MA in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine at Boston University’s School of Medicine. As a clinician, Sophia’s aim is to tailor treatment toward the individual needs of the client. Sophia practices from an integrative approach, which means attending to all aspects of an individual - psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Sophia tends to practice from a psychodynamic and existential-humanistic approach. She also has a background in health psychology, practicing from evidence-based approaches to help individuals cope with chronic illnesses and sleep disturbances. Sophia enjoys working with clients from all walks of life. She is dedicated to building a strong therapeutic bond with clients. She has a passion for helping clients find their authentic ways of being in the world and find relief from emotional pain.