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Tamara Greene


Tamara is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over three years’ experience assisting individuals recovering from trauma, anxiety and depression. She additionally works with those who are struggling with adjusting to major stressors and changes in life. Tamara uses a warm, open approach to foster a safe and non-judgmental environment and believes therapy is a collaborative endeavor between client and therapist. Through her work, Tamara values a client's inherent strengths and self-knowledge as integral parts of developing and implementing a treatment plan. Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as the core of her approach, she guides clients to find awareness of their thoughts and emotions so they may access their inner wisdom, learn acceptance without guilt or shame, and build self-trust to live in the direction of their most authentic and whole selves. This approach is interwoven with mind-body based techniques and informed by trauma and attachment theory to address the full spectrum of a client's needs- mind, body, and soul.